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Fall 2023 Update

The following section details the current progress of campus accessibility using the AHEAD recommendations as a guide. Regular updates will be provided quarterly. For the most current update, please see Update on UC San Diego’s Accessibility Efforts.

Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)

Accommodations Process: In alignment with AHEAD's guidance on documentation and practices, OSD continues to refine its processes for determining accommodations. The OSD is continuing to work with Information Technology Services (ITS) to update the OSD student portal so that, when appropriate, eligible students may receive accommodations each quarter through a streamlined process. Please review the Summer 2023 update for previously shared updates and information regarding this recommendation.

OSD Staffing and Organizational Structure: The OSD is actively recruiting two roles for Disability Specialist and Assistant Director.

Disability Counseling and Consulting (DCC)

DCC Staffing and Organizational Structure: The DCC and Human Resources are actively recruiting and hiring for the open position of Director, Disability Services and ADA Officer. The DCC also welcomes Eiffel Yap as a Disability Counselor. Eiffel has joined Debra Swart to help support campus needs.

Campus Accessibility: Facilities, Technology, Culture

Electronic Accessibility: The Website Standards Committee was formed in 2023 and is working on several initiatives including information on website accessibility. The committee has released a Digital Accessibility Concern form for campus, which will help the university identify accessibility concerns on campus websites, in email campaigns and in other digital environments. A link to the form was recently published to the footer of all Campus CMS websites

This page is updated as of October 6, 2023

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